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We have created a list of books, charts, and videos for you in our "Learning Tools" section. Many books are available at and others are available directly through Animal Therapy Systems. For your convenience we have added links as well as a link to our contact page for those items available through us.

If you do not find a link for the item, we have not been able to find a source where you can purchase them. However, we decided to list them in case you would like to seek them out from another source. does provide several catalogs that contain some of the books we recommend. Visit to see their current catalogs available. Some books listed with prices are used copies and subject to availability and price changes. The prices are current for 2002 and are subject to change.

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The Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy
– Robert Kainer DVM, MS and Thomas McCracken MS $34.95 (

Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy and Common Disorders of the Horse; Volume One: (Musculoskeletal System & Lameness Disorders) – Ronald Reigel DVM & Susan Hakola BS, RN, CMI $79.95 (

Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy and Common Disorders of the Horse; Volume Two: (Reproduction, Internal Medicine & Skin ) – Ronald Reigel DVM & Susan Hakola BS, RN, CMI $85.95 (

Horse Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach to Equine Structure – Peter C. Goody

Anatomy of the Horse: A Pictorial Approach – Way and Lee $15.00 (

Equine Lameness – Equine Research, Inc. $85.00 (

The Lame Horse: Causes Symptoms & Treatment – James Rooney DVM $29.95 (

Adams’ Lameness In Horses – Ted S. Stashak DVM, MS $110.00 (

Beating Muscle Injuries – Jack Meagher 

Equine Acupressure: A Working Manual – Nancy Zidonis, Amy Snow, Marie Soderberg $29.95 (

Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art To Modern Medicine – Allen Schoen $123.75 (

Horse Structure and Movement – Smythe & Goody $71.28 (

Equine Injury, Therapy and Rehabilitation – Mary Bromiley $23.00 (

Lameness – Peter Gray MVB, MRCVS 

The Equine Athlete: How To Develop Your Horse’s Athletic Potential – Hodges & Pilliner 

Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies – Meredith Snader VMD, Sharon Willoughby DVM DC, Deva Kaur Khalsa VMD, Craig Denega BA, Ihor John Basko DVM

Understanding Your Horse’s Lameness – Diane Morgan 

The Well-Connected Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure – Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis $25.95 (

Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure – Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow $23.95 (

Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide To Chinese Medicine For Cats and Dogs – Cheryl Schwartz DVM $19.57 (

Dog Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach to Canine Structure - Peter C. Goody $17.47 (

Color Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy: The Dog and Cat - Stanley H. Done $85.00 (

The Nature Of Animal Healing – Martin Goldstein DVM $11.20 (

The Body Electric (Robert Becker, MD) – Gary Selden, et al. $11.20 (

The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine – Ted Kaptchuk OMD $13.27 (

Vibrational Medicine – Richard Gerber MD $12.60 (

Essential Oils Desk Reference – Compiled by Essential Science Publishing

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils – Julia Lawless $17.47 (

Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy – Valeri\e Ann Worwood $13.97 (

Medical Aromatherapy: Healing With Essential Oils – Kurt Schnaubelt $11.87 (

Your Health, Your Choice – Dr Ted M Morter, Jr. $29.99 (

Prescription For Nutritional Healing – Phyllis Balch and James Balch $16.77 (

Minerals Right On Target – Steven N. Harvey $8.00 (

Eco Farm – Charles Walters and CJ Fenza $17.50 (

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All charts are available through

Equine Meridian Chart
– Tallgrass Publishers, LLC   $16.00

Equine Stretch Poster – Tallgrass Publishers, LLC   $16.00

Canine Meridian Chart – Tallgrass Publishers, LLC   $16.00 

Feline Meridian Chart – Tallgrass Publishers, LLC   $16.00 

Five-Element Meridian Chart Set – Tallgrass Publishers, LLC   $53.50 

Conformation Anatomy – Equistar Publications   $19.95

Forelimb Anatomy – Equistar Publications   $19.95 

Hindlimb Anatomy – Equistar Publications   $19.95 

Navicular Anatomy – Equistar Publications   $19.95 

Surface Anatomy – Equistar Publications   $19.95 

Digestive Tract Anatomy – Equistar Publications   $19.95 

Foot and Hoof Anatomy – Equistar Publications   $19.95 

Neurological Anatomy – Equistar Publications   $19.95 

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The Athletic Horse: Injuries, Problems, Solutions
– Ann Britt and Penny Fires

The Visible Horse: Anatomy In Motion – Susan Harris and Peggy Brown 

Introducing Equine Acupressure – Marie Soderberg CMT and Nancy Zidonis $39.95 (

Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses – Jack Meagher

Bowed Tendon Turnaround, A New Method For Fast Healing – Dr John Lubecki

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