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Young Living Oils Product Testimonials
"I was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer in 1993, and have used a combination of prescription drugs, as my only medical treatment. They have kept the cancer temporarily under control, but the side effects are significant and I worry that they may be doing as much long term damage as short term good. It has been over a year now since Alexander shared the Young Living Essential Oils with Karen and I, and it was obvious from the first day that they were different than any of the dozens of ideas and products that I had tried before. They have helped me everyday to be hopeful, to feel in control, to have more stamina, physical energy, and mental clarity - and they do wonders for my attitude!!

Karen and I also use several of the supplements which I believe have helped us to improve our general health and to avoid many of the illnesses that those around us have endured. I can't imagine not being able to use the oils everyday, they have simply become a wonderfully important part of our lives." 
John Salene, Springfield, OR

"I've never been so happy with a product in my life. Not only have they been a blessing to me but all the people I've introduced them to. I don't have one unhappy customer. I have a couple of testimonies to share with you.

A month ago I was helping my son move some railroad ties. I had balanced one tie up against another and it didn't stay in place and it fell on my Big toe. I thought I'd die. It hurt so bad I couldn't even cry. I was sure the toe was broken and thought for sure I'd loose the toenail. I went to the house and put a lot of Young Living Essential PanAway Oil over the entire toe. I just knew I'd never be able to get a shoe on to go to work the next morning. Guess what! Other than being a little fatter than the other big toe it looked perfectly fine. I put Young Living Essential PanAway Oil on it again before going to work. Had no trouble getting a shoe on either. I didn't even think of the toe again for a week. When 1 did remember I was supposed to have a bad toe and checked it the only problem was it wouldn't bend. It bends now and there has never been any pain.

A week ago I was dressed for church and as I was leaving I saw my dog standing by the house looking so forlorn and miserable. She had a face full of porcupine quills. Needless to say I stayed home to doctor the dog. I called my daughter to come help and we strapped the dog to a board to try to keep her from moving as much as possible and started in on her. She cried so hard and was fighting so hard we knew we had to do something different with her. I thought of the Young Living Essential PanAway Oil. I had a small amount of Young Living Ortho Ease left in a bottle and I added about 5 drops of Young Living Essential PanAway Oil and another 5 drops of Young Living Essential Peppermint Oil. It had a dramatic effect on her almost right away. We gave her a few drops in the area which had the most quills and waited a few seconds before pulling on the quills. When we did start pulling again the quills came out much easier. We would put the Young Living Essential PanAway and Peppermint Oil on each area including inside her mouth as we were ready to pull quills. The oils pacified the dog as well as killed most of the pain. We pulled 97 quills from her face and mouth. She laid on the board for about 15 minutes after we were done and never moved a muscle. She appeared so relaxed. Occasionally her eyes would go shut and then open again, like she was in her own dreamland. She has been fine ever since." 
Mary Knutson, Dunseith, ND

I can't thank you enough for SHARING YOUR MESSAGE of the YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS with me! I'll never forget that brown package with the scented mailing and tape that arrived in my mail one day. It was otherwise a typical day, with me working a graveyard shift in a job made stressful by a handful of negative energy, backbiting, power-mongering staff. I averaged two hours of sleep on a good day. I picked up my mail on the way home from work, and while waiting for the bus opened the package. The scent from what was inside lifted my spirits as well as lifted the tension and fatigue headache that I had that day. . I actually READ what was in THAT mailing! The next day, a Sunday, I put the MISSING LINK in the cassette player. I wasn't half way through the tape when I stopped it and said, 'I just have to call the person who sent this and ask him what this is!" That led to a discussion on oils that have benefited others and led to my involvement with experiencing the YOUNG LIVING OILS.

HOUSE WORK a HEADACHE? Well, it was until I started putting LAVENDER oil in a SPRAY BOTTLE, sometimes mixed with MOTIVATION oil and refreshed myself, as well as sprayed it around areas prone to mold, such as under and behind the dish drain mat, which then smelled sweet and clean. It actually puts me in a better frame of mind. 

And that stressful negative energy job? The negative energy is still there, but I'm not! When my YOUNG LIVING income began to grow, I took a step of faith and "kissed" that job "good-bye!" I much prefer POSITIVE energy, like Young Living Oils. Now my YLEO income has replaced my salary and I expect will far exceed it before long. So, I don't have THAT stress and headache any more! And to think I had just got into this for the products! YOUNG LIVING and my mentor and sponsor FRANK have been true GOD-SENDS. Let's keep on sharing that message." 
Katey Hasson, San Leandro, CA

"On November 15th 1996, 1 fell off of a 9 ft. roof onto the pavement while doing some roofing work. The extent of my injuries were enough for the doctors to keep me in the observing ward and hospital for nearly three days. Besides the partial collapse of one of my lungs, they had also discovered that I had broken six ribs and cracked two others. I could hardly walk due to the Impact of falling and when I was released from the hospital, I had to literally be carried in a wheelchair up our stairway into our condo.

If I would have been a roofer full time, perhaps I could have just hung out at home and healed within a lengthy stretch of time but, being that I am a professional singer, I did not have this luxury. I had four big concerts coming up, the first scheduled only 10 days after my accident. Among all of the prayers from our family & friends and the suggestions from health workers, we were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. Shondra helped me apply Young Living Essential Valor & Lavender Oils to the bottom of my feet and Young Living Essential Birch & PanAway Oils to my back & ribs while I was in the hospital and did this consistently for the following ten days after my return home. My clients and audiences never knew the difference and after my performances when I explained what had happened to me, everyone was overwhelmingly amazed since they had no indication that I was performing with 6 broken ribs.

Certainly, my experience with the oils has proven to Shondra, myself, our family and many others that they do indeed work to facilitate the body's own healing powers very quickly. Needless to say we are sharing this testimony and the oils with as many people as we can because we know first hand that they work and we know that everyone can benefit by using them."
Tom Jepperson, San Diego, CA

"Sometimes great things happen from applying the oils that you're not anticipating. Since joining Young Living about eight months ago I've settled into using Young Living Essential Oils En-R-Gee, Lemon, Valor, Clarity, and Lavender as my personal oils just for general health. For many years as part of my morning bathroom routine I've been massaging my scalp before combing my hair. My sink bowl has always been covered with many hairs as result. Recently I noticed that scarcely any hair falls out after the massage. The difference is like night and day. I credit the oils for this change, but which one or ones I have no idea. Maybe it's the Young Living Essential Oil Rosemary in the Young Living Essential Oil Clarity blend, or maybe it's the Young Living Essential Oil Lemon or Young Living Essential Oil Lavender. I understand that these three are good for the hair. What a pleasant surprise!" 
Bruce Rutherford, Westmont, IL

I tried the Young Living Essential Lavender Oil on our three children before they went to bed. It helped them relax and sleep better through the night. In fact, I slept through the night without one single little person waking me. I took Young Living Essential Peace and Calming Oil and started putting one drop on the children's pillows at night and mine, too. That helped us all fall asleep quicker and sleep more soundly. I've used the Young Living Essential Purification and Lemon Oils for odors. In fact I have an open bottle of Young Living Essential Purification Oil in our heater intake vent. Needless to say I do not have any lingering odors in our house.

My husband and I used the Young Living Essential Joy Oil and all I have to say is that this is a must for bringing an extra boost to all couples relations.

As you can see I could go on and on but one more before I close. Our son was bringing home some school work with grades not that good. After talking with him I came to the conclusion that he wasn't concentrating so well. I tried some Young Living Essential Peppermint Oil on him before school each day and his school work came home with better grades. The bottom line is the Young Living Essential Oils are terrific. The results speak for themselves. I have not been as excited about a product since we were first introduced to the benefits of antioxidants almost four years ago. Every family needs to get these oils and add them to enhance their health and well being. Well Done Young Living!" 
Teresa Hardgrave, Chandler, OK

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"I'm a sixty-one year old man with no particular infirmities. For the past two months I've started each day with Young Living Essential En-R-Gee Oil on the bottom of one foot and Young Living Essential Clarity Oil on the other. I have more energy and clearness of mind than I've had in a long time!" 
Bruce Rutherford, Downers Grove, IL

"I recently ordered Young Living Essential Mineral Essence. I take 2 droppers in the morning in orange juice and 2 droppers in the afternoon. I could not believe how much energy it gave me. I ordered 2 more bottles - 1 for my mother and a spare for me. I don't want to ever run out." 
Cindy Sweet, Mobile, AL

"Our initial reason for trying the oils was to see if they would help our 10 year old son. He has been plagued with occasional stomach cramps and throwing up. Doctors have said it is related to his sinuses. Others say "children have stomach aches," and on and on. I have watched him suffer knowing that this is NOT normal. Since we have been using the Young Living Essential Peppermint Oil (9/96) he has not had one single episode! My daughter is also susceptible to strep throat and she has had only one bout early this season. She is feeling great with the use of Young Living Essential Peppermint Oil, Young Living Essential Lemon Oil, and Young Living Essential Lavender Oil. We all have been healthier this winter and attribute it to the oils. That is the only thing that has changed.

I just wanted to thank Dr. Daniel Little for introducing us to these great oils and hope that we can share with others. Young Living Essential oils has proven to us that not ALL MLM's (editor: Multi Level Marketing Companies) are a rip off. It is great to find one that has such a wonderful product. I hope to be able to share with others this year and see some profits using the these products." 
Charlotte Anderson, Chipley, FL

"I have suffered with over thirteen warts, some as big as peas, on my hands for several years. I have tried every product on the market, as well as the all home remedies I heard about, but I had no luck getting rid of them. I started rubbing some Young Living Essential Spruce Oil and Young Living Essential Frankincense Oil on them once or twice daily. After two weeks all my warts were completely gone." 
Judy Cramer, Youngstown, OH

"Since I received my kit I have not stopped using my oils. I used to suffer from mood swings and no more since I used Young Living Essential Joy Oil. I cleanse my home with their Purification Oil and the house became calm and quiet. I used the Abundance Oil and I am the most popular girl in town. Most of all I believe the oils saved my marriage - no more fussing with my spouse. God Bless Young Living!" 
B. Erskine, New York

"I followed the advice given and rubbed some Young Living Essential Valor Oil on my lower back and then I massaged the bottom of my feet in the kidneys area (refer to VitaFlex Foot Chart). Within 5 minutes I had no discomfort when I walked. These oils are marvelous and they give such quick relief." 
Doris Zukerman, Phoenix, AZ

"Recently I was curious and put less than a drop of Young Living Essential Joy Oil on my finger, stirred it in the water in a vase full of droopy roses freshly cut from my garden. To my amazement the flowers perked up in a matter of minutes. I did this each day the roses lasted 5 days." 
Jeri Bocci, Rainbow, CA

"I learned that Young Living Essential Peppermint Oil relieves an occasional upset stomach. I placed a very small amount, less than a drop, on the end of my tongue and in minutes I had relief." 
Dr. Donna Burns, Phoenix, AZ

Doctors Had No Cure For Skin Disease
by Cris Campbell

"I have found it! I have suffered from a skin disease called Rosacea for about 10 years, My dermatologist has had me on a topical steroid and 3 dilferent antibiotics over that time period. They have no "cure" for it and they don't know exactly what causes it, but they think it might be connected to hormones. Anyway, I have tried many of the oils in hopes that I could find something that would help it, but to no avail. I even spent the money and contacted Dr. DeMarco in Canada and we agreed that I was doing everything possible with my diet and the oils.

Recently, Young Living came out with a new product called Prenolone, product code #3731. 1 thought I would give it a try, because I had read so many positive things about it. As soon as I received it, I put it on my face, it's a cream, the next day my face was clear. You have never seen my face when it is real bad, but let me tell you, this is a GOD SENT!! I have been using it every day since, and my face looks better than I can ever remember R being with out taking some kind of drug. It is actually softer and smoother than ever. My husband was even excited about it because he knows how I have struggled with this.

Other things I experienced after applying the Prenolone, was a calming effect and a clearer mental state. I just had to share this with you, as I am NO longer timid about telling anyone about these products! Prenolone has changed my life." 
Cris Campbell

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These testimonials are for general educational purposes and are not meant to prescribe. The opinions expressed by contributing Distributors do not necessarily reflect the policy of Young Living T. Consult the Young Living Policy & Procedures Manual for official Young Living statements.

Moreover, because the FDA deems Internet advertising to be "labeling," any testimonials placed on the Internet are subject to FDA review. Consequently, testimonials placed on the web that include disease claims (stated or implied) can cause a product to be classified as a drug. The FDA is currently sending warning letters to individuals and entities that are posting testimonials on their websites stating or implying that the products cured or treated diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis, scoliosis, ear infections, burns, pain, AIDS, general antibacterial claims, etc.

So, when we say a product helped with pain, it becomes classified as a drug, which of course it is not. Natural pain relievers are not drugs. They are natural pain relievers. Thus, many questions can not be answered due to FDA regulations on "claims." Saying that '"this product or that plant extract will do this or that" makes it a claim, and making it a claim makes it a drug. And drugs are what they sell. 

Crazy? No, not really. When you consider that the pharmaceutical / drug cartels cannot patent a plant, you'll understand why they have these rules. Guess who wrote the rules?

Young Living Essential Oils makes no claim that any of its products, essential oils, or supplements can curtail the spread of a biological or chemical weapon. As of this date, there has been no testing or verifiable scientific evidence to support the assertion that the essential oil of thyme will protect against or stop anthrax. Although some independent researchers have implied or stated that specific essential oils may be helpful due to the strength of their natural components, it is against company policy for any Distributor to make any unapproved, false, or undocumented health or medical claim.

Recent tragic events in our country have led to widespread fear of exposure to anthrax. While we understand the desire some of our Distributors may have to help quell these fears, YLEO wants to state in the strongest terms that we do not endorse profiteering at the expense of a vulnerable public. We encourage all YLEO Distributors to maintain a professional demeanor at all times and to avoid making any claims about our products. Young Living's oils do have inherent properties that provide support for normal immune function, but we repeat, there is no current research indicating that thyme oil will specifically protect against or cure anthrax or any other biological weapon.

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