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DNR, Inc. Energy Products have been a significant part of my animal rehabilitation business for several years now, and I have used them successfully on my own competitive animals for over a decade. The main products that I use on animals are: 

DRAWTM (Regular and X’tra Strength), DRAWTM Plus, ChekMate® Spray, and Liquid Needle® Topicals.


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Vital Energy is essential to the proper functioning of every cell and organ of the body. Vital Energy flows through the biofield from head to toes along meridians in a balanced flow. Proper balance is obtained when Vital Energy is moving freely along these meridians. Many influences deter the proper flow of Vital Energy, but few are as damaging as scar tissue. These dead tissue masses act as energy barriers, causing blockages and imbalances along the meridians.

Applying Liquid Needle® Topical Original or Extra Strength to scar tissue areas, or using ChekMate® Spray on large areas of scar tissue allows a proper flow of Vital Energy. It is extremely important to apply to all scar tissue areas two or three times per day to maintain balanced energy flow.

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