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If value, performance and good health are important to you or your animal, Dynamite Specialty Products has the proven products to fit your needs.

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All Dynamite Specialty Products are available through Animal Therapy Systems, so please contact us for more information or if you would like to place an order. 

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Scott Martin   3/00
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SandMan   11/99
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Frederick   11/00

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*  66 years of experience in the business of feeds and nutrition under the ownership of the same family! 

We provide only the highest quality vitamin and mineral supplements for all living creatures. We feed hundreds of thousands of horses and dogs and exotics worldwide, with universally positive results in all disciplines from the racetracks (equine and canine), endurance and sled dog trails, to the show rings and backyards. Our proprietary formulations combine 60 years of research and knowledge in animal and human health with the newest technology and highest quality human grade ingredients. The formulas are ours exclusively - accept no imitations!

 * Mineral-based formulas!  Minerals are the key to life itself, and vitamins are useless without them. Minerals form the core for a healthy immune system, all enzyme and hormone functions, and more. We always employ a "whole being" principal when formulating and feeding each of the products realizing when one particular mineral deficiency is indicated there is a high likelihood of other needs often as a result of foods originating from commercial farm ground that has been "mined". Every mineral we incorporate in our products utilizes pure amino acid chelates from the originator and patent holder of over 40 mineral chelate patents. Our pure amino acid chelated minerals have a molecular weight below 1,000 daltons, which makes them virtually 100% usable, as opposed to inorganic minerals which have a very low percentage of digestibility.

 * A complete product line - from Basics to Specialty Products!  Not only do we provide you with a full product line of basic nutrition and supplementation necessary for a healthy foundation to build from, but we also have a large selection of specialty products designed for the extra help that some may need with certain specific conditions. We believe that a living creature can do amazing things to resolve most health issues if they are provided with the basic nutrient reserves to work from, so we usually start with the basic program. Once in awhile certain individuals need a little more help, so we also have the products to provide optimum nutrition for special needs.

We also realize that what is not in a product is important too, so you won't find chemical preservatives in any Dynamite product, only natural tocopherols and Vitamin C. Because we build our own animal products we can insure the ingredients and final products are free of chemical preservatives from harvest to consumer. 

* Synergystic ingredients!  We formulate products keeping in balance the interrelation of minerals with the proper amino acid profiles to provide maximum bioavailability and efficacy. In other words, all of the ingredients of our products are in proper balance with each other for maximum support and optimum utilization. There are many important facets to health for any living species and we have constantly been aware of the complex answers necessary for proper nutrition. Hundreds of years ago mankind began studying the interaction of minerals with one another, but most of this information went into the diets of animals and plants. Finally after centuries we are starting to see the reality that these same principles apply to human health. This is why we formulate products taking into account each minerals' value and interaction with other minerals and vitamins. When any product is developed our first goal is to look at the "whole need" associated with a problem of deficiency. 

* A unique commitment to the health of the whole planet!  This is evidenced by the production of our own organic based plant fertilizers, which are proven to increase the life and viability of the soil to grow nutritional food/feeds. We are literally helping to change the way the world fertilizes, one field at a time. 

* 100% satisfaction guaranteed - on all of our products, or your money back! 

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